Zealous Energy Services takes pride in completing projects safely, without compromising the health and safety of our employees, our clients and environment. Our team of safety leaders regularly monitors the latest OSHA regulations and work to ensure our job sites remain a safety-oriented site. Whether we’re performing soil remediation services, waste pit closures or soil sampling and testing, we apply our double tier safety system to create a safe, environmentally sound environment.

By applying new, more effective solutions to traditional challenges, we can help to reduce environmental impact while achieving our own standards for safe operations. All Zealous Energy Services’ equipment is continually inspected, maintained and upgraded, so you can rest easy knowing that any rented equipment is EPA compliant and primed for peak performance.

Zealous Environmental Services

Zealous Proven Results

Client: Large Independent O&G Producer
Results: During a “dig & haul” environmental project in Cameron Parish, Zealous eliminated several process steps by extracting the material and directly loading it onto a barge for non-stop delivery to the disposal sight. Zealous eliminated all trucking expenses/ handling costs, saving the customer approximately $75,000.