Waste Pond Closures

Zealous Energy Services provides waste pond closures in a 29-B compliant and safe manner. Our reliable equipment paired with our certified and experienced personnel, makes Zealous an excellent choice for the stabilization and disposal of oilfield waste. And to ensure your E&P waste pit closure plan is complete and compliant, Zealous provides onsite land farming as well as stabilization of drill cuttings and location fluids.

Once the drilling equipment has left the site, Zealous ensures that all environmental regulations will be met above and beyond, to help safeguard environmentally sensitive locations, and the people who service these regions.

Zealous Waste Pond Closure Services include:

  • Annular Injection and Pond Closure
  • Onsite Land Farming of Drill Cuttings and Fluids
  • Onsite Dewatering
  • Haul Off of All Drill Cuttings and Fluids
  • Quality Mat Systems