Safer, smarter and more reliable – that’s our goal for Midstream operations. Zealous Energy Services provides turnkey construction solutions for the Midstream market, using our extensive experience to provide best-in-class quality and support. Whether we’re performing pipeline installation or maintenance, terminal or gathering facility repairs, we work hard to make your job easier and more reliable throughout the entire supply chain.

Throughout our history, we’ve applied advanced, innovative processes for solving challenges, finding efficiencies where others can’t, then scaling these initiatives across the entire project.

Zealous Assurance

Zealous Energy Services builds on assurance, bringing reliability and a Superior Safety Record to any operation. We credit our safety record to double tier safety review system, with a safety review and implemented system to solve smart and stay safe, wherever we work.

Zealous Midstream Services

Discover the Midstream services offered by Zealous Energy Services below, or visit our Services page for a comprehensive list of our capabilities.

Zealous Services

Heavy Construction
Facility Construction
Pipeline Construction
Quality Mat Systems

Zealous Environmental Services

Soil Remediation

Zealous Proven Results

Client: Louisiana O&G Operator
Results: In a Louisiana location, Zealous provided well site preparation services and board road rentals. To build the permanent production pad, the ground would require a 200’ x 200’ rock pad, 9” thick. Zealous’ solution: leave 100’ x 100’ of the original board, covered with 4” of 610 limestone, saving thousands of dollars in man-hours and materials.