Zealous Energy Services is your complete source for regional expertise in the Upstream market. We have extensive experience in working with large and small independent oil and gas operators, as well as majors and super majors in both land and marine-based projects.

By applying turnkey solutions to the Upstream market, Zealous Energy Services finds smarter solutions to everyday land and marine-based project challenges. Whether performing maintenance and repair, or construction and facility modifications. Zealous consistently applies this innovative approach to utilize more productive processes, resulting in more efficient solutions and more affordable service. Beyond implementing productivity-enhancing processes, our role as a turnkey solutions provider also provides a single source for quality assurance. Zealous Energy Services proactively works to ensure projects are completed on time and free of unnecessary expenditures.

Zealous Assurance
Wherever we work, we work hard to make your job easier and safer. It’s this same passion for performance that has contributed to our advanced internal training programs. With the right people and the right experience, Zealous Energy Services ensures that we complete projects correctly and safely – a safeguard that has earned our company’s Superior Safety Record.

Zealous Upstream Services
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Land Services
Heavy Construction
Drill Site Construction
Pile Driving
Quality Mat Systems

Marine Services
Crews and Tug Boats
Cranes and Barge Services
Living Quarters 
Dock Services

Environmental Services
Soil Remediation
Waste Pond Closures

Zealous Proven Results

Client: Super Major Exploration Company
Results: During a six-month job in the Atchafalaya Basin, Zealous reduced travel time, per diem costs and hotel expenses by supplying a marine living quarter vessel with galley hands on-site for personnel and crews. The service and solution saved the customer $900.00 per day over several months.