Drill Site Construction

Zealous Energy Services builds on experience to form a solid foundation. Backed by a fleet of earth moving equipment and a team of certified operators with proven site development capabilities, we can transform any location into an operationally and environmentally sound site.

We provide road construction equipment, ranging from dozers to motor graders, so you can rest easy knowing you can reliably access even the most remote locations. For particularly sensitive environmental areas or to an extra layer of support, we utilize our mat systems, helping to make your drill site as solid as the ground you stand on.

Drill Site Assurance
As a turnkey solutions provider, Zealous Energy Services manages drill site construction projects from start to finish, providing a regional source of expertise and drill-site assurance throughout the entire venture. These turnkey solutions also lead to more efficient and timely processes throughout your project, helping reduce unnecessary costs while increasing the reliability and accessibility of your drill site.

Zealous Drill Site Construction Services:

  • Site Preparation (Clearing/Leveling)
  • Excavation and Dirt Work
  • Foundation/Soil Preparation
  • Mat Systems
  • Cattle Guard
  • Levee Structures
  • Reserve Pits
  • Frac Pits