Zealous Energy Services has built a legacy of reliability, wherever we work, on land and inland water operations alike. Whether you’re searching for an experienced and certified crew, transportation or inland water support, we have the marine assets and experience to ensure your job is a success.

Zealous Marine Support
Our experience isn’t limited to land-based operations. In fact, our marine services are extensive, ranging from crew boat, tug boat, crane barge, deck barge and living quarters rentals, to experienced and certified crews and inland water support. Additionally, we provide inland waterway dock locations and transportation services as well as a large boat fleet that’s both varied and powerful enough to support marine operations of any size.

Zealous Marine Services
Zealous offers a range of services that are tied to our marine and inland water expertise, including:

Zealous Proven Results

Client: Large Texas O&G Company
Results: To build a production facility over water, our customer used a crane barge, moved throughout the production facility with a 1200hp tugboat. Spotting inefficiencies, Zealous suggested replacing the 1200hp tugboat with a 400hp mud tug, saving the customer $1,150.00 per day.